Indiana McCaslins

Bertha Jane McCasling (McCaslin)Age: 26 years19041930

Bertha Jane McCasling (McCaslin)
Birth about 1904 36 34
Note: Bertha Jane McCaslin Shaffer's death certificate gives her date of birth as 11 Oct 1898.
Death of a sisterStella McCasling (McCaslin)
February 7, 1905 (Age 13 months)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Kerr Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 88318725)
Birth of a sisterGolda McCasling (McCaslin)
about 1906 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterOllie M McCasling (McCaslin)
about 1908 (Age 4 years)
Birth of a brotherWillis Floyd McCasling (McCaslin)
June 10, 1909 (Age 5 years)
Note: His application for his SSN gives his birthdate as 15 Jun 1910.
Death of a motherMary Jane Atwell
November 8, 1909 (Age 5 years)

Source: Find a Grave
Census 1910 (Age 6 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherFrancis Mary (Mary Francis) Pryor (Prior)
February 23, 1911 (Age 7 years)
Source: S4706
Census 1920 (Age 16 years)
Census 1930 (Age 26 years)
Death October 2, 1930 (Age 26 years)
Source: S4170
Burial October 3, 1930 (1 day after death)
Source: S4170
Note: Mars Hill Cemetery
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Marriage: July 17, 1887Chesapeake, Lawrence, Missouri
22 months
elder sister
4 years
elder brother
elder sister
Stella McCasling (McCaslin)
Birth: August 10, 1897 29 27Missouri
Death: February 7, 1905Republic, Greene, Missouri
7 years
3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
17 months
younger brother
Willis Floyd McCasling (McCaslin)
Birth: June 10, 1909 41 39Crane, Stone, Missouri
Death: September 18, 1989Bakersfield, Kern, California
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husband’s wife

Birth1910 US Federal Census
Census1910 US Federal Census
Census1920 US Federal Census
Census1930 Federal Census
Bertha Jane McCaslin Shaffer's death certificate gives her date of birth as 11 Oct 1898.
Mars Hill Cemetery
Shared note
In the 1910 US Federal Census for Buck Prairie, Lawrence, Missouri, 42-year-old Missouri-born widower Tom J McCasling [sic] has in his household his Missouri-born children, 20-year-old Lizzie McCaslin Forrester, 17-year-old Will W [sic John W on the 1900 census], 6-year-old Bertha M, 4-year-old Golda M, 2-year-old Ollie, and 9-month old Willis, Lizzie's husband 23-year Missouri-born Finis Forrester [transcribed as Ferster], and Lizzie and Finis' Missouri-born children 2-year-old Henry and 7-month old Fanny. Finis and Lizzie have been married four years and have had two children who are recorded in this household. Tom owns the land he is farming but it has a mortgage. Will and Finis are laborers on Tom's farm. Tom, Will and Finis have had no months out of work in the past year. Everyone speaks English. Tom is illiterate, Lizzie, Will and Finis can read and write. No one has attended school in the past year. Tom's father was born in Arkansas and his mother in the United States. Lizzie, Will, Bertha, Golda, and Willis' parents were born in Missouri. Finis' father was born in Tennessee and his mother in Missouri. Henry and Fanny's father was born in Tennessee and their mother in Missouri [sic both parents were born in Missouri]. In the 1920 US Federal Census for Ozark, Barry, Missouri, 52-year-old Arkansas-born farmer Tomas [sic] J McCaslin [sic] has in his household his Arkansas-born children, 18-year-old Bertha J [sic], 16-year-old Goldie M, 13-Ollie M, and 9-year-old Willis J. Living next door is Thomas' son 27-year-old Missouri-born farm laborer Wesley [John Wesley], Wesley's 19-year-old Missouri-born wife Dovie [sic] [Heatherly] McCaslin [sic] and their son 2-year 3-month old Missouri-born William. Everyone except Willis and William can read and write. Ollie and Willis have attended school in the past year. Thomas' father was born in Arkansas and his mother in North Carolina. Everyone else's parents were born in Missouri except Dovie. Dovie's parents are recorded as being born in the United States. On 26 April 1926, 27-year-old Sam Shaffer, of Sarcoxie, Jasper, Missouri, and 26-year-old Bertha Jane McCaslin of Crane, Barry, Missouri applied for a marriage licence in Lawrence County, Missouri. They were married the same day at the bride's home in Barry County, Missouri by H Hilton, minister. In the 1930 US Federal Census for Ozark, Barry, Missouri, 68-year-old [sic] Arkansas-born widower Tom [sic] McCaslin [sic] has in his household his Arkansas-born children, 28-year-old Missouri-born divorce Bertha J [McCaslin] Shaffer, and 20-year-old Willis, and Bertha's Missouri-born children, 5-year-old Dortha and 1-year-old Zelba [Zelda?]. Tom was married when he was 21-years old. Bertha was married when she was 18-years old. Tom and Willis are illiterate. Tom is a farmer, farming rented land. Willis is a share cropper. Everyone's parents were born in Missouri. Bertha Jane McCaslin Shaffer's death certificate gives her date of birth as 11 Oct 1898 in Marionville, Lawrence, Arkansas and her age as 31-years 11-months and 20-days. but she isn't on the 1900 US Federal Census, and her age is given as 6-years old on the 1910 US Federal Census, 16-years old on the 1920 US Federal Census and 28-years old on the 1930 Census, so the day, month and birthplace may be correct, but the year is incorrect. She was a housewife who had lived in Ozark, Barry, Arkansas for twelve years. She also is listed as married to Sam Shaffer of Aurora, Lawrence, Arkansas who was the informant, but the 1930 Census records that she was divorced. Her father is Tom McCaslin, and her mother's maiden name was Atwood. Bertha died on 2 Oct 1930 of pulmonary tuberculosis of two years duration. She was buried in the Mars Hill Cemetery, Crane, Barry, Missouri on 3 Oct 1930.