Indiana McCaslins

Minnie Fisher1894

Minnie Fisher
Birth February 1894 36 21
Birth of a sisterEffie Fisher
December 1895 (Age 22 months)
Birth of a siblingUnknown Child Fisher
about 1897 (Age 2 years)

Birth of a sisterEldorado (Rado) Fisher
December 1898 (Age 4 years)
Death of a siblingUnknown Child Fisher
before 1900 (Age 5 years)

Census 1900 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a sisterEllen Fisher
about 1903 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a brotherWillis O Fisher
about 1906 (Age 11 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherJames William McCaslin
January 15, 1907 (Age 12 years)
Birth of a sisterBeatrice (Bernice) Fisher
June 17, 1908 (Age 14 years)
Census 1910 (Age 15 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherMariah (Maria) Orrell
June 18, 1924 (Age 30 years)
Death of a fatherWilliam Owen Fisher
March 30, 1934 (Age 40 years)

Death of a motherMyrta Blanche (Myrtie) McCaslin
January 15, 1938 (Age 43 years)

Source: Find a Grave
Death of a sisterBeatrice (Bernice) Fisher
November 20, 1992 (Age 98 years)

Burial of a sisterBeatrice (Bernice) Fisher
after November 20, 1992 (Age 98 years)
Note: Oak Grove Cemetery
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 1891
3 years
23 months
younger sister
2 years
younger sibling
2 years
younger sister
5 years
younger sister
4 years
younger brother
3 years
younger sister
Father’s family with Mary Jane King - View this family
Marriage: about 1877
21 months
2 years
2 years
3 years
2 years

Birth1900 US Federal Census
Birth1910 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
Census1910 US Federal Census
Shared note
In the 1900 US Federal Census for Lee, Garland, Arkansas, 43-year-old Arkansas-born farmer William O and his 28-year-old Arkansas-born wife Mirty [sic] [McCaslin] Fisher have been married 8 years. William was previously married for 23 years. They have in their household Arkansas-born children from William's previous marriage, 21-year-old dressmaker Annie B, 19-year-old farm laborer William M, 17-year-old farm laborer Robert L, 14-year-old Sarah M and 11-year-old farm laborer George, and their Arkansas-born children, 6-year-old Minnie, 4-year-old Effie and 1-year-old Eldorado. Myrtie is recorded as having borne four children but only these three are living. Annie has attended school 6 months of the past year while William M, Robert, Sarah and George have attended only 4 months of the past year. William O, William M, Robert, and George have had no months unemployed while Annie has 6 months unemployed. William O owns the land he and his sons are farming, but with a mortgage. William O, Myrtie, Annie B, William M, Robert L, Sarah M and George can read, write and speak English. Everyone's parents were born in Arkansas. In the 1910 US Federal Census for Lee, Garland, Arkansas, 53-year-old Arkansas-born farmer William O and his 37-year-old Arkansas-born wife Myrta B [McCaslin] Fisher have been married 18 years and have had six children all are living. This is a second marriage for William, but a first marriage for Myrta. Their six Arkansas-born children are all living with them, 16-year-old Minnie M, 14-year-old Effie, 11-year-old Rado [transcribed Italo], 7-year-old Ellen, 4-year-old Willis O, and one-year 11-month old Beatrice [sic Bernice]. Also in this household is a boarder, 27-year-old Arkansas-born farmer Clifford Ewers. William owns the land he is farming, free of mortgage. Minnie, Effie and Italo are listed as farm laborers on the home farm. They and their younger sister Ellen have attended school in the past year. Everyone's parents except William's and Clifford's were born in Arkansas. William's parents were born in Illinois while Clifford's father was born in Ohio and his mother in Indiana.