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Annie M ?(Lane)1862

Annie M ?(Lane)
Birth about 1862
MarriageSamuel Phillip LaneView this family

Census 1880 (Age 18 years)
Birth1880 US Federal Census
Census1880 US Federal Census
Shared note
In the 1880 US Federal Census for Richland, Crawford, Arkansas, 50-year-old Tennessee-born farm laborer Samuel P [Sr] and his 48-year-old Ohio-born wife Nancy [Seratt] Lane have in their children, 15-year-old N.E. [Nancy E], 12-year-old James B, 9-year-old Missourie [sic] and 16-year-old nephew and farm laborer Silas Blue. Nancy was born in Missouri, but the rest of the children were born in Arkansas. Samuel Sr's parents were born in Tennessee; Nancy Seratt's parents' birthplaces are unknown; their children's father was born in Tennessee and their mother in Ohio; Silas Blue's parents' birthplaces are unknown. Living next door are Samuel and Nancy's 22-year-old Missouri-born farm laborer son, Samuel P and his wife 18-year-old Texas-born Annie M [maiden name unknown] Lane. Samuel Jr's father was born in Tennessee and his mother in Ohio; Annie's father was born in Massachusetts [?] and her mother in Ohio.