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William Duncan WoodworthAge: 69 years18441914

William Duncan Woodworth
Birth June 24, 1844

MarriageIrene KimbleView this family

Birth of a daughter
Cora Woodworth
December 19, 1887 (Age 43 years)
Death June 2, 1914 (Age 69 years)
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Cora Woodworth
Birth: December 19, 1887 43 34Kansas
Death: February 17, 1957, Los Angeles, California

BirthIndiana Deaths, 1882-1920
DeathIndiana Deaths, 1882-1920
Shared note
Birth: Jun. 24, 1844 Death: Jun. 2, 1914 Waverly Gazette: W. D. Woodworth died at his home in Oakland, a suburb of Topeka, on Tuesday morning, June 2, 1914. He is a brother of Samuel Woodworth of near Agricola and Geo. and Richard of near Williamsburg. A sister, also lives in Topeka, Samuel and George went to Topeka to attend the funeral. Deceased was an early settler in this community locating here about 1869, and is well known to many readers of the Gazette. Additional Information: According to Lori Priest, current custodian of the Pleasant View Cemetery in Agricola, KS, cemetery records show that it was W.D. Woodworth who purchased the Woodworth family plots at Pleasant View.