Indiana McCaslins

Lenora YountAge: 35 years18891924

Lenora Yount
Birth 1889
Source: Find a Grave
MarriageChester Arthur CloreView this family
February 10, 1915 (Age 26 years)
Census 1920 (Age 31 years)
Death 1924 (Age 35 years)

Source: Find a Grave
Burial 1924 (on the date of death)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: First Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Family with Chester Arthur Clore - View this family
Marriage: February 10, 1915, Marion, Indiana
Chester Arthur Clore + Cecilia Carolyn Byers - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: August 9, 1905
2 years
3 years
Chester Arthur Clore + Grace E Mullendore - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: August 2, 1929
Divorce: 1944

Birth1920 US Federal Census
BirthFind a Grave
MarriageIndiana Marriage Collection 1800-1941, Index to Marriage Record 1911-1915 Inclusive
Census1920 US Federal Census
DeathFind a Grave
BurialFind a Grave
First Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Shared note
In the 1920 US Federal Census for Union, Johnson, Indiana, 38-year-old Indiana-born farmer Chester and his 29-year-old Indiana-born second wife Nora [Lenora Yount] Clore have in their household Chester's Indiana-born children by his first wife, Cecilia C [Byers] Clore, 13-year-old Marcia and 11-year-old Gordon. Marcia and Gordon have attended school in the past year. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Chester is farming acreage he owns. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana.