Indiana McCaslins

Andrew Terrill1801

Birth 1801

MarriageSusannah Thixton (Thickston)View this family
August 14, 1825 (Age 24 years)
Census 1830 (Age 29 years)
Death of a wifeSusannah Thixton (Thickston)
before 1834 (Age 33 years)

Source: S1456
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Andrew Terrill married Susannah Thixton on 14 Aug 1825 in Jefferson County, Indiana. In the 1830 US Federal Census for Montgomery, Jennings, Indiana, Andrew Terrill has in his household one free white male under five, one free white male 20 through 29 [himself], one free white female under five and one free white female 20 through 29 [his wife, Susannah Thickston]. Thickston, Abraham. (Jefferson County, Indiana, Probate Book A) 1834. Mary Thickston, adm. Heirs: Mary, Rebecca, Ann, William, Abraham, Susannah Thickston Terrill's heirs: Elizabeth, Margaret Ann and Wm. T. Terrill with Andrew Terrill, gdn. [Andrew Terrill is the children's father] This implies that Susannah had died before 1834.