Indiana McCaslins

William D Wainscott1889

William D Wainscott
Birth February 13, 1889
Note: given as 1891 and 1892 on the 1920 and 1930 census
Birth of a daughter
Alma Wainscott
about August 1917 (Age 28 years)
Census 1920 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a son
William E Wainscott
June 6, 1925 (Age 36 years)
Census 1930 (Age 40 years)
Death of a sonWilliam E Wainscott
September 4, 1971 (Age 82 years)
Birth1920 US Federal Census
Birth1930 Federal Census
BirthWorld War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
Census1920 US Federal Census
Census1930 Federal Census
given as 1891 and 1892 on the 1920 and 1930 census
Shared note
On 29 May 1911, 23-year 3-month old {sic] farmer William Wainscott enlisted in Columbus, Ohio in the US Army 20th Infantry Division, enlisting officer Capt Kilbourne. William was born in Hesler, Owen, Kentucky. He had blue eyes, black hair and a ruddy complexion. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall. William also was assigned to the 15th Infantry division before he was discharged on 20 Jun 1914. On 5 Jun 1917, when 28-year-old [sic] William D Wainscott registers for the WWI draft at the Owen County Draft office (William Perry, registrar), he states that he was born on 13 Feb 1889 in Hesler, Owen, Kentucky and therefore is a natural-born citizen, that he is a self employed farmer, living and farming in Balls Landing, Owen, Kentucky and that he is married. He also states that he was a private in the US Army Infantry (served 3 years 23 days) and that he claims exemption due to a wife to support. His description is caucasian, short, medium build with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He has no disabilities. In the 1920 US Federal Census for Cleveland, Owens, Kentucky, 28-year-old Kentucky-born farmer Will D [sic] and his 19-year-old Kentucky-born wife Ruth [McAnally] Wainscott have in the household their Kentucky-born children, 2-year 5 month old Alma and 3-month old Harold, Ruth's widowed father, 55-year-old Kentucky-born blacksmith Charlie [sic] McAnally, and Ruth's Kentucky-born siblings, 29-year-old blacksmith Victor, and the 14-year-old twins, Stella and Stanley. Will owns the farm on which the family is living. Everyone but the Wainscott babies can read, write and speak English. Stella and Stanley have attended school in the past year. Living next door is Charlie's brother, 49-year-old Kentucky-born farmer Price McAnally and his nephew, 19-year-old Kentucky-born farmer Raymond Minor. Price owns the land he and Raymond are farming. Price and Raymond can read, write and speak English. Everyone's parents were born in Kentucky. In the 1930 US Federal Census for Carrollton, Carroll, Kentucky, 39-year-old Kentucky-born William Wainscott and his 29-year-old Kentucky-born wife Ruth [McAnally] Wainscott were married when he was 25-years old and she was 15-years old. They have in their household their Kentucky-born children, 12-year-old Alma B, 10-year-old Harold and 4-year-old William. The family is living in a rented house for which William Sr pays $15 a month rent. They do not own a radio. Alma and Harold have attended school in the past year. William is a teamster for a coalyard and has worked the last regularly scheduled work day. He served in the military in WWI. Everyone except 4-year-old William can read, write and speak English. Everyone's parents were born in Kentucky.