Indiana McCaslins

Michael Henry HayesAge: 77 years18451922

Michael Henry Hayes
Birth May 15, 1845 35 24
Birth of a brotherMathew Hayes
about 1847 (Age 19 months)
Census 1850 (Age 4 years)
MarriageRachel Amanda McCaslin (McCasland)View this family
December 25, 1873 (Age 28 years)
Birth of a son
Justin Osee Hayes
January 12, 1875 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a son
Charles Ronan Hayes
July 8, 1876 (Age 31 years)
Birth of a daughter
Ella Mae Hayes
April 29, 1878 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a son
David Henry Hayes
July 5, 1879 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a daughter
Jeanetta Beatrice Hayes
March 29, 1883 (Age 37 years)
Birth of a son
James Michael Roy Hayes
November 20, 1892 (Age 47 years)
Marriage of a childHenry LaskeyJeanetta Beatrice HayesView this family
about February 1900 (Age 54 years)

Census 1920 (Age 74 years)
Death December 28, 1922 (Age 77 years)
Burial December 30, 1922 (2 days after death)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Plot M1833 (Memorial ID 105135275)
Family with parents - View this family
elder brother
3 years
elder sister
2 years
3 years
younger brother
Family with Rachel Amanda McCaslin (McCasland) - View this family
Marriage: December 25, 1873, Otoe, Nebraska
13 months
Justin Osee Hayes
Birth: January 12, 1875 29 20Nebraska
Death: March 28, 1948, Contra Costa, California
18 months
Charles Ronan Hayes
Birth: July 8, 1876 31 21California
Death: February 13, 1943, San Francisco, California
22 months
Ella Mae Hayes
Birth: April 29, 1878 32 23Nebraska
Death: October 3, 1940, San Francisco, California
14 months
David Henry Hayes
Birth: July 5, 1879 34 24Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
Death: April 23, 1945, San Francisco, California
4 years
10 years
James Michael Roy Hayes
Birth: November 20, 1892 47 38San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Death: January 27, 1967Napa, Napa, California

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Plot M1833 (Memorial ID 105135275)
Shared note
In the 1850 US Federal Census for Charlestown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, 40-year-old Ireland-born laborer Dennis and his 29-year-old Ireland-born wife Margaret [Roonan] Hayes have in their household their Massachusetts-born children, 9-year-old Dennis, 7-year-old Ellen, 5-year-old Michael and 3-year-old Mathew. Dennis, Ellen and Michael have attended school in the past year. Margaret is a "person over 21 who cannot read or write." The 1870 US Federal Census for Monson, Hamden, Massachusetts records 25-year-old, Massachusetts-born Michael Hayes as an inmate of the State Alms House and Primary School. His parents are both foreign-born, he is illiterate and is a US citizen over 21 years of age. On 25 Dec 1873, Michael H Hayes and Rachel Amanda McCaslin marry in Oteo County, Nebraska. Census data has not been found for this family for 1880 to 1910 , but their location can be derived from where their children were born: Justin Osee in 1875 in Nebraska, Charles Ronan in 1876 in San Fernando, California, Ella Mae in 1878 in Nebraska, David Henry in 1879 in Los Angeles, California, Jeanetta Beatrice in 1883 in California and James Michael Roy in 1892 in San Francisco, California. The 1880 California Voter Registers record 35-year-old, Massachusetts-born farmer Michael H Hayes as registered to vote in Sepulveda, Los Angeles, California. On 6 Oct 1888, 43-year-old, Masschusetts-born blacksmith Michael Henry Hayes registered to vote in the 30th Precinct Assemb1y District, San Francisco, California. His residence was 77 Tehama. On 13 Oct 1890, 45-year-old, Masschusetts-born blacksmith Michael Henry Hayes registered to vote in the 5th Precinct, 46th Assemb1y District, San Francisco, California. His residence was 3 Zoe and it was a two story house. On 21 Jul 1896, 51-year-old, Masschusetts-born blacksmith Michael Henry Hayes voted in the 8th Precinct, 32nd Assemb1y District, San Francisco, California. His description is 5 ft 8 inches with a florid complexion, gray eyes and grey hair. His address is 355 Harriet which is a three story building where he occupies all floors. He can read the Constitution and write his name. Page 838 of the 1901 Crocker-Langley San Francisco Directory records Michael H Hayes, blacksmith. His residence is 1117 Howard. On 24 Jun 1902, Michael H Hayes, of US Army Infantry, Regiment 13, Company I, applied for an invalid pension. His application number was 1287174. He may have been refused as there is no certificate number recorded. In the 1920 US Federal Census for San Francisco, San Francisco, California, 75-year-old Massachusetts-born Michael H and his 65-year-old Indiana-born wife Rachael A [McCaslin] Hayes have in their household their California-born sons, 43-year-old Charles R and 27-year-old James R. The family is living at 59 Merritt Street, in a rented house. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Michael is retired. The only person in this household who is employed is Charles, who is a laborer in a barrel factory. Michael's parents were born in Ireland; Rachael's father was born in Kentucky and her mother in Indiana; the sons' father was born in Massachusetts and their mother in Indiana. Seventy-eight-year-old Michael Hayes died on 28 Dec 1922 in Alameda County, California. The state file number for this death is 50191. He iwas buried 30 Dec 1922 in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Plot M1833, Colma, San Mateo, California (Memorial ID 105135275). His wife Rachel is buried in this plot also even though her name is barely visable on the bottom of the stone.