Indiana McCaslins

Jesse T. McAnallyAge: 70 years18731943

Jesse T. McAnally
Birth 1873
Note: The 1920 Census indicates that Jesse was born in 1873
MarriageEmma May McCaslin (McCasland)View this family
September 9, 1900 (Age 27 years)
Birth of a son
William L McAnally
about 1902 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a daughter
Scottie McAnally
about 1904 (Age 31 years)
Birth of a son
Floyd J McAnally
about October 1909 (Age 36 years)
DivorceEmma May McCaslin (McCasland)View this family
before 1910 (Age 37 years)

Census 1920 (Age 47 years)
Death of a wifeEmma May McCaslin (McCasland)
February 5, 1936 (Age 63 years)
Note: Cincinnati General Hospital
Burial of a wifeEmma May McCaslin (McCasland)
February 10, 1936 (Age 63 years)

Note: Baltimore Pike Cemetery
Death January 7, 1943 (Age 70 years)
Burial January 9, 1943 (2 days after death)
Note: Gap Hill Cemetery
Family with Emma May McCaslin (McCasland) - View this family
Marriage: September 9, 1900, Owen, Kentucky
Divorce: before 1910
2 years
3 years
6 years
Floyd J McAnally
Birth: about October 1909 36 24Kentucky
Death: July 13, 1956, Kenton, Kentucky
Charles James Wainscott + Emma May McCaslin (McCasland) - View this family
wife’s husband
19 months

The 1920 Census indicates that Jesse was born in 1873
Gap Hill Cemetery
Shared note
On 9 Sep 1900, 27-year-old Jessie [sic] McAully [sic McAnally] marries 18-year-old [sic] Emma McCasland in Owen County, Kentucky. They were divorced before 1910, as Emma McAnally and their children are living with her parents. In the 1920 US Federal Census for Cleveland, Owen, Kentucky, 47-year-old Kentucky-born Jesse McAnally is a hired man for 49-year-old Kentucky-born farmer Perry Minor whose household consists of Perry's wife 40-year-old Kentucky-born Flora [Steger] Minor, Flora's father 72-year-old Kentucky-born Top Steger, boarders 72-year-old Kentucky-born Tom Hunter, 62-year-old Kentucky-born Bill Hunter, and farm manager,51-year-old Tennessee-born William Buckingham, and hired men, 22-year-old Kentucky-born Abe Alexander, and 47-year Kentucky-born Jesse McAnally. Jesse's marital status is unknown. He and Abe cannot read or write. Everyone speaks English. Everyone's parents were born in Kentucky except William Buckingham's who were born in Tennessee. J.T. McAnally died on at 7 p.m. on 7 Jan 1943 of chronic mycocarditis at his home in rural Carroll County, Kentucky. He was a 71-year-old farmer, born in 1871 in Franklin County, Kentucky. His wife's name was Emma McCasland. The informant, Anna K Rice of Carrollton, Carroll, Kentucky, had no knowledge of his parents. He was buried 9 Jan 1943 at Gap Hill Cemetery, Carrollton, Kentucky (undertaker Kipping & Graham). His doctor, H. Carl Sawyer had attended him from 1 Jun 1942 until the day he died.