Indiana McCaslins

David Wasson

David Wasson
MarriageMary ?(Wasson)View this family

Marriage of a child(Richard or Robert) McCaslinMargaret WassonView this family
before 1765

Marriage of a childJohn? KingMargaret WassonView this family
before 1781

Shared note
David Wasson's name deduced from the Scotch-Irish naming pattern from 1700-1850: The standard naming pattern was commonly used in england and the americas first son father's father  (John) first daughter mother's mother (Mary) second son mother's father (David Wasson)  second daughter father's mother (no second daughter) third son father's name (Robert or Richard)  third daughter mother's name (no third daughter) fourth son father's eldest brother (Robert or Richard)  fourth daughter mother's eldest sister (no fourth daughter) fifth son father's second oldest brother or mother's eldest brother (no fifth son) fifth daughter mothers second eldest sister or fathers eldest sister (no fifth daughter)