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Fredrick Salter1862

Fredrick Salter
Birth about 1862 43
Census 1880 (Age 18 years)
Birth1880 US Federal Census
Census1880 US Federal Census
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In the 1880 US Federal Census for Worth, Boone, Indiana, 61-year-old Pennsylvania-born widow Nancy [maiden name unknown] Salter is head of a household which includes her Indiana-born children, 28-year-old David, 21-year-old William, 18-year-old Fredrick [sic] and27-year-old Susan Salter White, Susan's husband 25-year-old Indiana-born Gardner White and a boarder, 72-year-old Kentucky-born Nehemiah Montigue. Nancy and Susan are "housekeeping", David is "at home", William does "stave firth" [?] work, Fredrick and Gardner are day loaorers , and Nehemiah has done nothing for 12 months. Nancy cannot write. The rest of the adults can read and write. Nancy's father was born in Pennsylvania and her mother in Tennessee. Nancy's childrens' father was born in Kentucky and their mother in Pennsylvania. Gardner's parents were born in Indiana. Nehemiah's father was born in France and his mother in Pennsylvania. Gardner is living near his brother, Thomas Wesley White.