Indiana McCaslins

Elizabeth Booth1817

Elizabeth Booth
Birth about 1817
MarriageThomas BarrView this family

Birth of a son
George W Barr
November 1851 (Age 34 years)
Marriage of a childGeorge W BarrMabel Harris BurneyView this family
about 1885 (Age 68 years)

Census 1905 (Age 88 years)
Death of a husbandThomas Barr
February 10, 1907 (Age 90 years)
Death of a sonGeorge W Barr
August 11, 1917 (Age 100 years)
Note: Death Certificate 23925
Birth1905 Wisconsin State Census
Census1905 Wisconsin State Census
Shared note
In the 1905 Wisconsin State Census for Lake Geneva, Walworth, Wisconsin, 53-year-old Illinois-born Geo [sic] W and his 38-year-old Massachusetts-born wife Mabel B [Burney] Barr have in their household their children, 18-year-old Nebraska-born Ralph H, 10-year-old Illinois-born Helen A and 7-year-old Wisconsin-born Margery [sic]. The family is living in a house, which George owns, but with a mortgage. George is a carpenter and Ralph is a clerk in a grocery store. Living next door are George's parents, 83-year-old Thomas Barr (born in Scotland) and 87-year-old Elizabeth [maiden name unknown] Barr (born in England). The senior Barrs have a Canadian guest 62-year-old widowed Katherine Wallace whose relationship to the family is unknown. Thomas is a "capitalist" who owns the house they live in, free of mortgage. Thomas' father was born in Scotland, Elizabeth's father in England, Katherine's father in Scotland, George's father in Scotland, Mabel's father in Massachusetts and the children's father in Illinois.